What is the process to get access?
Register on our website by clicking the buy now button. Choose a package or tool, pay for it, and get portal access. You will be able to access your purchased tools.

Can I share accounts?
Sharing accounts with others is not allowed. If our system detects that you are sharing your account, you will be banned without refund.

Can I use VPN IPS / Proxy?
No, You can’t use any kind of proxies, RDPs to access your account. It may lead your account to ban.

What do you mean by the Tools “Undertesting” ?
Hafiz Seo Tools will initially introduce new tools in testing and if everything goes well, will add that tool permanently. We cannot guarantee uptime and will not give any support for “Undertesting Tools”.

Do you offer Refund?
Our service cannot be refunded if you are banned (due to fraudulent behavior) or do not use it after subscription. Additionally, if any tool reach its limit. Please wait until our staff update it.

Hafiz Seo Tools only initiate a refund if a primary service/tool isn’t working for three or more days in a row.

Note: Working days amount will be deducted from the refund.

What would be the access Mode?
We are now offering Access through extension; User will need to download and install our extension in Chrome browser. The access guide is available in the Member Dashboard. Few tools have direct access.

Does your service work for MAC users?
We offer our service both for Windows and Mac users.

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